What kind of rights do corporations have during national quality supervision and selective examination?

Publish Date:2008-12-26

. Right to know. Corporations have right to know sampling approaches, inspection basis, inspection items, judgment rules and the like. Corporations also have the right to check the inspectors’ ID & missions and know the penalty basis and verdicts.

. Right to refuse. Corporations have right to refuse sampling if inspectors violated national procedures and stipulations for supervision and selective examination.

. Right to dissent. Corporations have the right to dissent with the verdict and to report to AQSIQ in written and CC to inspection institutions within 15 days after receiving “Inspection Findings Notice”, otherwise, will be regarded as admitting the findings.

The AQSIQ may entrust the inspection institutions to handle dissent from corporations. The inspection institutions shall timely give a reply as to accept or not when receiving the dissent in written from the inspected corporations. Give reasons for not accept, re-inspect for accepted and give written reply.

. Right to appeal and inform. Corporations have the right to inform AQSIQ of inspection institutions’ injustice action. Corporations also have the right to apply for administrative re-consideration for administrative penalties, and inform against inspectors’ jobbery and other injustice actions.