What documents should corporations prepare for applying for certification?

Publish Date:2008-12-26

Reply: Corporations should offer the following documents in general.

1.    Identifying documents of the applicant.

2.    General assembly drawings, electric circuit diagrams and circuit drawings.

3.    List for key components & parts and/or main raw materials.

4.    Other explanative documents by applicants.

5.    If the applicant is the seller or importer himself, he should submit relevant contract copies between seller and manufacturer or between importer and manufacturer to authorized certification institutions.

6.    If the applicant entrust other people to apply for certification for listed products, he should conclude a contract with the entrusted people on certification, inspection, examination and follow-up examination, etc. The people entrusted shall submit copies of Power of Attorney, Agency Agreement and other relevant contracts to authorized certification institutions.

For technical documents needed for specific products, please refer to requirements for this product in “Implementation Regulations for Compulsory Products Certification”.